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Precor Preva

Visual Effects Supervisor, Motion Graphics Lead

These two videos introducing the Preva platform from Precor are a case study in invisible effects.

Filmed quickly and efficiently to capture the full scope of the project, there was time for very little on-set VFX setup. Nearly every screen was replaced and many shots were stabilized in post. Since talent had to authentically interact with devices during production, most screen replacements did not have the benefit of green or gray screens.

I oversaw a large team of VFX artists completing shots through combination of keying, tracking, and rotoscoping by hand. In addition to screen replacements, many shots needed stabilization, from basic automatic stabilization passes to a few that had to be rotoed, tracked, and almost fully rebuilt in 2.5D space to achieve the smooth camera movement required.

The replaced screens were fully animated from original and recreated UI assets. Many common interactions were rigged and scripted to allow easy repetition.