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Unvera ModBod

Visual Effects Supervisor, Motion Graphics Lead

This was a fun video with an offbeat, whimsical style that allowed for a lot of creativity in the animation. We were tasked with complementing the performance and the tone of the piece with a hand-drawn style of animation, often tracked into the shots.

This project involved two separate challenges: a hand-drawn style of animation that would complement the performance and tone of the piece, and executing a range of visual effects shots. We had to track a lot of the graphics into the shots, and also perform several challenging “invisible effects” shots. Fortunately, I was able to be on set for production, which helped with planning shots in a way that minimized our post-production investment. Even so, however, we were working with locations that were only available at specific times and talent that flew in just for the shoot day, which all added up to a few things that simply had to be “fixed in post”.